The Space Between

A place where health and wellness become an entry point to a lifestyle that expands not only your community, but your entire consciousness.

Discover Wellness

Holistic yet modern, our wellness programme has a strong focus on rejuvenation. By merging cherished traditions with the latest science, we have crafted treatments that help maintain and improve health while nurturing your mental wellbeing at the same time.

With an emphasis on mental relaxation and rejuvenation, our intimate treatment areas will engulf you in a world of healing and calm.

At the DISCOVER Collection Club New Delhi, we honour timeless traditions by insisting that authenticity runs through each and every treatment we offer, from our Hammam experience to the ingredients of our scrubs.

And while we hold reverence for what ancient minds have taught us, we embrace new-found knowledge and insights from the scientific community.

Every wellness consultation you have with us will be with an expert who has reverence for both tradition and clinical trials as they customise a programme that meets your personal needs and wellness goals.

Wellness offerings:
Lifestyle Consultations * Face and Body Treatments * IV Vitamin Clinic * Cryo Therapy * HBOT Therapy * Red Light Therapy * Nomatic Compression * Infrared & Salt Saunas * Steam Rooms * Turkish Hammam * Beauty Salon

Discover Culture

We enjoy creating experiences. As part of our community, members have the opportunity to attend bespoke events showcasing local talent and guest practitioners alike, all while enjoying communal Club spaces that have been designed with care and consideration for global culture. 

At the DISCOVER Collection Club in New Delhi, we are committed to curating a space that integrates culture with cuisine, art with wellness and fashion with fitness.

Every aesthetic detail of the club’s interior has been curated to create a space where members will feel invigorated and inspired. To this end, we offer guests the opportunity to purchase identical pieces for their own homes — from the attire worn by our Club team to restaurant tableware to the furniture in our communal spaces.

And like other interior elements, we have chosen the art that graces our Club spaces very intentionally, placing a special emphasis on showcasing local up and coming artists. If you are interested in taking an art piece home, our curator will be happy to discuss the work with you.

Finally, each month, the club hosts special events designed to celebrate the unique and varied interests of our members. We feel the thoughtful discourse that follows presentations from guest speakers and experts stimulates us and expands our worldview.

Cultural events:
Guest Speakers * Fashion Trunk Shows * Art Exhibition Openings * Pop-up Culinary Events * Guest Chef Dinners * Meditation & Wellness Seminars * Member Socials

Discover Fitness

We take pleasure in offering a diverse and expansive fitness programme that can be tailored to the shape of every member who walks through our doors.

At the DISCOVER Collection Club New Delhi, fitness means not only physical health, but emotional and mental health, too. To this end, our team of personal trainers, state-of-the-art fitness equipment and programming will take your workouts to another plane of existence.

Our fitness programmes and personal performers integrate the best of indoor gym and studio workouts with outdoor activities such as cross-fit and aqua activities. Aimed at enhancing muscle tone, cardiovascular and core fitness, this comprehensive approach works hand in hand with the club's range of holistic slow-aging therapies and complements our array of therapeutic massage for faster recovery and cell repair.

Fitness offerings:
State-of-the-Art Gym * Outdoor HIIT ZONE * Cycling Studio * Yoga Studio with Aerial Yoga * Pilates Reformer Studio * Meditation & Breathing * My-Zone Switch Heart Rate Monitor * Heated Swimming Pool * Water Aerobics * Body Movement - Core & Functional Training * Personal Training * Nutritional Counselling and Meal Planning

Another World Awaits

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