About the Club

A member's oasis within the bustling city

DISCOVER Collection

About the Club

The DISCOVER Collection Club in New Delhi offers members an oasis within the bustling city.

This wellness haven provides a venue for building both professional and personal relationships while working-out, enjoying wellness treatments, taking classes, dining or engaging in discussions with guest speakers after bespoke events.

The DISCOVER Collection Club is a truly a place where members can experience a transformative sense of self, identity and relation to others.

DISCOVER Collection

Life Is About Experiences

Every aspect of DISCOVER Collection Club New Delhi has been meticulously crafted, befitting its location and members’ every personal and professional need.


From the thoughtful flow of the architectural spaces and sustainably sourced interior design elements to the bespoke menus and team of caring hosts, no stone was left unturned in the curation of this first-of-its-kind environment. 


Members are invited to discover the exceptional, in well-being, spa, beauty, culinary, sustainability, professional and social experiential pursuits.

An oasis in the
middle of the city

Millions will walk by, never knowing what lies behind its door. That shrouded from the outside world is a place of near-mystic wellbeing.

It’s a cross-dimensional oasis. It’s a space between the planes, not quite heaven but definitely not host to the harsh realities of earth.


The feeling that washes over you after stepping inside the Club in New Delhi is transformative. No detail has been overlooked as we created this place between worlds.

We have constructed a space where great minds will meet and mingle, and where the stresses of life will melt away with every moment spent within the protection of its walls.


Time expanding, mind expanding. We move in this space each day and we call this place home.


We invite you to join us.

Another World Awaits

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